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The Story

Humboldt: a distant kingdom with tentacles that reach into the grimy depths of blackmarkets throughout the nation, with vast influences found the world round, even out into the deepest darkest corners of the ancient Old-World clans…

Humboldt Hustle follows ‘Deathgrip’ Nick, a stubborn street-urchin-turned-potgrower, as he works on a cannabis plantation in northern California, battling double-crossing hippies, local mafias, and inner demons to try to achieve normativity after his life of poverty. When Nick loses his job on the pot farm (like so many marijuana trimmigrants do) and is faced with becoming homeless again, he realizes his only chance to make everything back is to turn to the local hippie mafia. Will he be able to stay alive long enough to buy another farm before cannabis is legal and worth less than cigarettes?

The dream of getting rich growing weed is free, but the hustle that gets you there is sold by the acre. And it ain’t cheap. It might cost you an arm and a leg. (Literally.) So, in Humboldt, you go big or you go home… but when you go big, you make yourself a target. (That’s the danger of the hustle.) And if you make the game your only career, you will get popped or killed. (That’s the seduction of the hustle.) So never trust people just because you’ve done deals with them, or you will lose everything. (That’s the nature of the hustle.)

Humboldt Hustle is a gonzo-style neo-noir drug thriller packed with bizarre characters & psychedelic intrigue. It is a tour-de-force of The Humboldt Life, and opens the lid on the side of the hippie culture that is rarely talked about, and brings to life the people who supply the drugs we know and love. But don’t be fooled: its bitter Realism, not a stoner comedy. You will be shocked and educated as much as you will be entertained by the adventure…