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About The Author

Ian C. H. Hogan was raised in a rural town central California called Morada, that eventually became famous as the center of the popular outlaw motorcycle gang show, Sons of Anarchy. Ian left high school early and moved to Humboldt as soon as he discovered it existed. Ian spent his summers working on a farm in Whitethorn. He was educated at Humboldt State University, in Arcata.

Ian graduated with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and most of his masters already finished, specializing in drug design. After graduation, rather than going to graduate school with his friends to finish his masters, he co-founded a cannabis testing facility in Garberville, called Canna Lab Collectives. That project was culled after the 1st cannabis legalization movement in California failed in 2009.

In 2011, Ian went to work in renewable energy, when he still works today as a research director of a small engineering firm.