Post #3. 1965: The Acid Tests Begin

CAN YOU PASS THE ACID TEST? The year was 1965. LSD was not federally illegal yet, but was still not widely available because of the demand for pure acid crystals from Sandoz Laboratories (the inventor and patent holder of LSD) was so high (har har). So, heroes of my parents’ generation, like the famous Sound […]

Post #2. 1965: The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. A Book Review

This classic work of “new journalism” stands out among the pack of drug lit books because it, like Fear & Loathing, is supposedly completely true. It is written like literary fiction, but it is presented as journalism. Hence, “new journalism.” I wouldn’t go as far as one of my favorite authors, Mr. Charles Bukowski, would, […]

Post #1

Well, the unexpected has occurred. My short story has been selected for a guaranteed read by a production company and a possible option for a major screenplay! I have two weeks to edit the document and resubmit, at which point they will decide whether or not they want to buy it. It’s a gritty & […]