Post #13. The 1970s. MICROGRAM Magazine

MICROGRAM. The best drug journal you’ve (n)ever heard of. Why? The motherf&^%in’ DEA published it… yeah, right? Dummies, lol. It started in November of 1967 (a great year, see my numerous posts about ’67), with a very academic approach. They accepted articles both from within and outside of DEA concerns, but the reviewers were all […]

Post #11. 1969: Manson Murders the Sixties

The sixties is remembered for idealism and individualism. But what happened? Why did it end? Did it really just give way to the decadent 70s in an orgiastic drug frenzy? Or was there something that killed the vibe and made everyone WANT to stop listening to gurus? In fact, the sixties were murdered. Heinously. And […]

Post #10. 1969: The Altamont

It was this exact concert, on December 6th, 1969, that changed everything for the 60s movements, from the hippies to the Hells Angels. Suddenly, the HA were bad guys, just like the hippies. They didn’t used to be (entirely anyhow), they were symbolic of a new-fangled, American-styled freedom, viewed like modern cowboys: outside the law, […]

Post #9. 1968: Revolution Goes Mainstream

In 1968 the Hippies became part of the fabric of America, despite the recent illegalization of LSD. But it was also a period of increased tensions between the people and the ruling class in America: In April, MLK was assassinated. In June, Robert Kennedy was murdered. In October, the Black Athletics of America took a […]