Post #23. 1983: The C.A.M.P. Raids

Harvest Season, 1983. The day the music died. No one knew what the sound was, no one except the Vietnam vets. They knew the sound of a helicopter anywhere. Rumors abound about terrified hill folks shooting their M1 Garands at the eye in the sky, floating above their crops like some overgrown mosquito. C.A.M.P. had […]

Post #22. 1980: Murder Mountain

It’s not all sunshine and farts in Humboldt. Life on the hill is not a Cheech and Chong paradise. Its idyllic, but it’s got its own brand of danger… In the early 1980s, two “hippies” turned into spree killers while staying on Rancho Sequoia road, in Alderpoint, one of the major grow hubs in southern […]

Post #21. 1980s: Analogs & Designer Drugs

Developed by Shulgin (more about him another day) in 1974, 2C-B was one of a Galaxy of designer drugs that became popular in the 80s. Unlike most random drugs, which are usually nothing more than a flash in the pan, in one summer and out the next, these little babies are still with us today. […]

Post #19. 1980s & The Grateful Dead Family

We talked about The Brotherhood starting the 60s, and Rainbow family in the 70s. Then, in the 80s, we saw the emergence of another crew: GDF. Grateful Dead Family. GDF is an anarchistic group with tribal elders, more like Rainbow Family than The Brotherhood. Arguably the original, and most famous, members were The Wrecking Crew, […]