Developed by Shulgin (more about him another day) in 1974, 2C-B was one of a Galaxy of designer drugs that became popular in the 80s. Unlike most random drugs, which are usually nothing more than a flash in the pan, in one summer and out the next, these little babies are still with us today.

As I mentioned in the post about microdots (see my post about LSD microdots), 2C-B is a designer drug that was often marketed as mescaline before the internet helped popularize it. Chemically, it’s not too dissimilar from mescaline, but it is its own series of phenethylamines, called to 2C’s: 2C-B, 2C-E, 2C-T, 2C-T27-F2 (my uncle Steven invented that one), et cetera. The moniker refers to the second carbon you count when you give the molecule it proper scientific name, 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine, and B for bromine, the functional group that distinguishes it from the other 2Cs. (2C-E has an ethyl group, 2C-I has an iodine molecule, 2C-T substitues a thio-group, and so on.)

So, the question you are all wondering: whats it like? 2C-B is actually great, lol. The short story is: lots of body high and mild geometric visuals. The visuals reminded me of the onset of a DMT trip, not enough to blast off but just enough to see the classic kaleidoscopic visions. Something like that, but a little bit more melty and Gumbyland-esque, like LSD. Shulgin listes its active dose at 12-24mg.

For me, taking it at 20mg, which was a high dose for me (2Cs are notoriously finicky dosage-wise, unlike acid and X they seem to effect people differently), there was also lots of mental tripping, a confusing level of mental overstimulation. To me, at 20mg, the potential for a creative trip seemed to be thwarted by the mental and physical stupor. I also experienced an antisocial feeling and, at one point, exteme dissociation, nearly out-of-body, which made me nervous because it was unexpected. It was also wicked cool, LOL. Still, I wish I had it at 10mg.

Common at the time, they were blue wafers, from Sweden, circa 2008, very similar to the pills pictured.

So, yeah, to me, 2C-B is not a party drug, lol, but it’s getting widely popular these days… but, apparently, it’s like the drug of choice in Bogota, Columbia…