It was clear in the sixties that the powers-that-be learned nothing from the Alcohol Prohibition in the United States. Mainly aimed at roping in Cannabis to the illegal status the Paris Convention set for cocaine and opiates in the 1930s, the United Nations convened the (first) “Single treaty on narcotic drugs” in 1961. Naturally, the cannabis market didn’t go away when it was made illegal, it just handed it over to someone else.

In another amazing feat of colossal ignorance, the UN amended the “Single Treaty” (har har) to include psychedelics, and also amphetamines and barbiturates, in their Convention on Psychotropic Substances. It was signed at Vienna on February 21st, 1971, and effectively made the pushers of the day who supplied LSD and the like international kingpins overnight.

A new prohibition was borne… and with it a Darwinistic daisy-chain of drug empires that circled the global like a fractal. As I mentioned in my previous post about The Weathermen, those fraternities were never infiltrated by the DEA and most of the heads that orchestrated it lived out their lives as peaceful men, and women. I like to think we won that round.

Then came the nineties. But I’ll get to that later……/Convention_for_Limiting_the_Manu……/Single_Convention_on_Narcotic_Dr……/Convention_on_Psychotropic_Subst…


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