MICROGRAM. The best drug journal you’ve (n)ever heard of. Why? The motherf&^%in’ DEA published it… yeah, right? Dummies, lol.

It started in November of 1967 (a great year, see my numerous posts about ’67), with a very academic approach. They accepted articles both from within and outside of DEA concerns, but the reviewers were all internal (so it still has that hard-boiled feel, kinda cool). They would show things like pounds of Mexican grass wrapped in layers of Reynold’s Wrap and motor oil (to stop the smell), they would talk about LSD geltabs, methamphetamine superlabs, and all that jazz most never see (a great source or inspiration!).

Then, during the Obummer era, in 2014, the top brass at the DEA miraculously grew brains and Microgram Bulletin (the post 2002 incarnation of the original Microgram journal) was restricted to Law Enforcement use only (now callee “Microgram Bulletin LE”). The December 2013 issue is the last publicly-available issue (see the Erowid library, the DEA link is just so you know I aint foolin’… click if you want…).

But yeah. It used to be the ultimate to make it into Micrograms, lmao.

(Note to self: there is no Wikipedia article for Microgram…)