The rat race to create drugs that resulted in minimal time in jail, or no time at all in the case of analogs, created a unique situation for LSD distributors in the 1970s and early 1980s. During the late 60s and early 70s, the DOJ started using the weight of the delivery system of LSD tabs (called “packaging”) with the weight of the drug itself for prosecution, and since the weight was used for determining sentencing, a lighter dose (literally, one that weighed the least) would land you the least amount of jail time. So, smaller and smaller tabs were created.

One of the most famous (and practically extinct) methods of LSD delivery were the infamous ‘microdots.’ They had a cool name, and it lasted in our parlance, but thank goodness these things are mostly gone! A friend dropped a vial like this into some shag carpet once and all I could think of was someone’s cat finding it or something. They were tiny!

After that, the blotter paper and liquid acid in a vial with a medicine dropper became the gold standard. For a time, especially in the 90s, there was also a popular type of packaging called “gel tabs,” which dissolved on your tongue but were hard like plastic when you handled them. They weighed practically nothing, but they were fragile and could be crushed into tiny shards all too easily. They are still around, but less common then they used to be.

As much as we talk about “the good old days,” acid is something we have been doing RIGHT for a long time. For a few years, after the Pickard/Sand busts, there was a drought… but the interwebs and international commerce saw to that…

A number of people back in the day used to say microdots were mescaline tabs. This was not the case. Mescaline takes 200-400mg for an effective dose, microdots are just plain too small to cram that much gram! (LMAO been waiting an eternity to use that one lol.)

Microdots were LSD, or other lysergides, and, these days, probably sometimes other random bath salt RC too, lol.

Its funny how many people even when faced with the scientific impossibility of mescaline microdots will still try and say they were mescaline. Im like, dude, your people didnt lie to you, they just didnt know. Shit, the first time I got “mescaline” it turned out to be 2C-B!

Any hoot hollerin’ way, the background behind this whole mess is kind of hilarious. LSD was fucking ubiquitous back in the day, and you really couldn’t even sell it, even if it was the really fucking Pure White Lightning shit. Everyone had it. So people started marketing it as other psychedelics, like mescaline. People would take the tabs, and then be bummed out that they only got acid. LOL.

It’s the opposite now. We take things that we think are acid, and then when they turn out to be “research chemicals” (RCs), and we are bummed. LOL.

And The Great Wheel turns…

Anyhow… Peace, Love, and Microdots! …or as others say: peace, pot, and microdot!

(Image is a wild peyote grove, which are increasingly rare due to stupid humans.)

Photo Credit: Erowid


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