The sixties is remembered for idealism and individualism. But what happened? Why did it end? Did it really just give way to the decadent 70s in an orgiastic drug frenzy? Or was there something that killed the vibe and made everyone WANT to stop listening to gurus?

In fact, the sixties were murdered. Heinously. And it was none other than Charles Manson who killed it.

Charles Manson was everything Society hated. He was short and skinny, he had long hair, he was a jailbird, he never graduated from anything, he had a violent streak, he was homosexual, he was a rapist, he didn’t attend church, he used foul language, and (most importantly) he identified as one of those GODDAMN HIPPIES.

On August 9, 1969, after 4 long years of propagandizing, the squares finally had the demon they were looking for. And by the time Society got to know him, he was worse than the suits could possibly have ever imagined. He started a cult, he preached about a race war, and fed his followers a mixture of methamphetamine and mescaline wow performing various rituals, including practicing killing people well singing “Helter Skelter.”

Manson was angry about not getting what he wanted out of a record deal. He was actually a very talented musician. He was, however, crazy. His work was not what the producers wanted, and Charlie just couldn’t take it. He snapped, and he used his followers to get back at the world.

I knew a guy that did some time with Manson, in San Quentin. He was a sniveling little gerbil in comparison to the person that the media plays him out to be. He prayed on the most mindless, downtrodden, malleable people he could get his hands on. Charles Manson himself was nobody to be afraid of, but you should never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Supposedly he learned his brand Left Hand Path from members of The Process Church. The Process is a technique that’s been used in one way or another by every spook from Mao, to the CIA, to L. Ron Hubbard. It uses base level mind control techniques, basic stuff like training people to do repetitive tasks while on drugs, psychological punishment for disobeying “the family,” forced participation in orgies, et cetera. Its meant for for large groups, and it actually works similarly to how Donald Trump operates on his flock. The Process Church is also from New York City. But I’ll talk about that another time…





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